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By Night is an exploration through an Improvised structure. The goal is to choreograph in the present moment organising space, time and dynamics. My interest in dance is to view the body as an object where the intention is to constantly organise, create and adapt around ones knowledge of self and space. Showing vulnerability while performing creates an interesting environment for me to work in. The precariousness of this becomes part of the relationship I have with the viewer.

This video shows two different performances at the same time.




Immersed - Melbourne Dance Industry Night

8 September 2012
National Theatre St Kilda


Performer & Choreography: Benjamin Hancock
Music: Two Planets - Bat For Lashes







"I was very happy to see tap and Irish dance get a guernsey, and to also to see the talented Benjamin Hancock on stage. He performed a solo piece on a circular piece of carpet which he didn’t stray from. Hancock was mesmerising."

Immersed Melbourne Dance Industry Night

Rebecca Martin Dance Informa September 8  2012




2017    Bowery Theatre and St Albans Community Centre Opening - St Albans

2014    Ernst & Young Conference – National Gallery of Victoria International

2013    HEX Fundraiser - Hares and Hyenas Book Store curated by James Welsby
























2013    Next Wave Social – Northcote Town Hall

2012    School Performance - Koo Wee Rup High School

2012    Short Sweet Dance – Chapel off Chapel  - Melbourne