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Images: Mischa Baka & NGV Photographic Services

PRINCESS Melbourne Now


PRINCESS places the performer as the Dynast. The one whose inheritance strongly influences and contributes to the practice they perform. They are the Ruler of the body in which they exist. They have the power to create their own Kingdom; A house of observation, architecture, interest, ideas, and possibilities. Creating a Kingdom one must; choose the people, invent the flag, notate the national anthem, define the laws and principles and banish any one who breaks them


Melbourne Now celebrates the latest art, architecture, design, performance and cultural practice to reflect the complex cultural landscape of creative Melbourne.


February Solo Series involves fourteen of Melbourne’s contemporary dance artists performing an intriguing and surprising set of solo works while scattered throughout the galleries, foyers, stairwells, corridors and landings across both NGV sites.





Melbourne Now

February Solo Series

22 Febuary 2014
Venue: The Drawing Room -
NGV Australia - The Ian Potter Centre


Creator/Performer: Benjamin Hancock
Costume: Jack Hancock
Curated by: Antony Hamilton
Produced by: Megafun
Hair: Fur Hairdressing City Square






Video: Mischa Baka



2015    Future Future - Arts House - North Melbourne Town Hall - 3 July 2015




Images: Sarah Walker
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