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My work aims to create a negative of my previous explorations into the feeling of energy and life contained in a pre lived room. To create the negative I looked at a white modern environment, freshly painted, bare and lacking of life and a sense of individual. The space is dead, unoccupied, stark and stale. My movement exploration is to leave an imprint in this sterile environment, to uncomfortably live in a box that lacks imagination and to stain this crisp white environment by exploring textures created by to room around me.



Pieces For Small Spaces

Lucy Guerin Inc.

2 - 6 December 2009

14 Batman St, West Melbourne


Direction & Choreography: Benjamin Hancock
Music: Ryoji Ikeda
Costume Design: Chloe Greaves
Performer: Benjamin Hancock


Production Manager: Bluebottle 3 - Frog and Rose

Producer: Sarah Rodigari

Lighting Designer: Bluebottle 3 - Frog and Rose

Images: Byron Perry


Video: Nick Sommerville



Short Sweet Dance Melbourne 

Outstanding Male Dancer

Benjamin Hancock





"For many, myself included, the highlight of the evening was Benjamin Hancock’s solo, Stain. Performed on a small rectangular rug under a single hanging lamp, and in a crazy white leotard that looked like a piece of modern architecture, this was easily the most original work. The soundtrack was minimal, as was Hancock’s robotic movement, which teasingly displayed, without exploiting, his incredible facility. Hancock’s intensity and focus gave weight and meaning to the tiniest finger twitches. Stain was mesmerising from start to finish."

Short Sweet + Dance Melbourne

Regina Green Dance Informa June 16 - 20 2010




2012    Mona Foma Festival, Faux Mo, The Grand Poohbar, Hobart Tasmania Curated by Supple Fox





















2010    Short Sweet DanceChapel off Chapel Melbourne




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